Friday, April 18, 2008

Mystery for Mystery

I am lucky enough to have an entomologist who tunes in regularly. I call him Mystery. Don't ask. He's a teacher and researcher at the greatest University in the universe... Texas A&M. Can I get a WHOOP?!? He's great. When I run into a critter out there in the orchard... and that's pretty often... he tolerates my photo emails and questions.

So since I am dragging you all through this experience with me, I thought I'd show you my latest critter. Let's see what Mystery says about this one.

Hey Mystery... What's this? Should I have smooshed him? Do I need to break out the bazooka?! Help me protect my little nutlets...

The Nutty Mama

Mystery responded:

Your bug picture is a leaffooted bug, not a good guy so you can smush him/her........ You can tell by the "leaf like" swelling of the hind legs that sort of looks like a leaf. I know of three species of the leaffooted bug genus - Leptoglossus that feed on pecan. The three are Leptoglossus phyllopus, which has a white stripe across the back; L. zonatus which has a zig zag stripe across the back plus two light or orangish areas on the head; and L. oppositus which has three very faint white spots on the back.

Keep up the great work....................Mystery :)

Now to go a smushin'! Thanks Mystery!

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Amy said...

I'd skoosh it for sure..........