Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Baby is One!

We celebrated my Baby's first birthday by taking a family trip to Sea World. We had so much fun! I love Sea World. I get all choked up seeing those trainers swimming with the dolphins and whales. It makes me proud of them. They worked so hard and got those big ol' fish to jump and flip in the water. Amazing!

We were thrilled to see that Shamu (a.k.a. Sea World) was also celebrating a birthday. So Shamu had a party hat on to celebrate! I thought it would be fun to pose with the birthday boys. When we got home, the Baby got to open his gifts. His reaction: "This? For me? This?" (See him point.) He just grinned and pointed like "Aw, shucks. You shouldn't have!" Then his big brother and sister proceeded to tear into them and show him what he got. Then they ran with the stash to the next room to play. Hey, atleast he got to see what he got!

Finally, my favorite first birthday moment... the cake. We spread the Baby's birthday over the weekend and we culminated the celebrating with cake. It's fitting to really stretch his birthday out over the weekend. Seems like that's the pattern for his life, so far. He's a little guy. Not even on the "chart". I guess he's -1%. He's really stretching his infancy out... getting the most of the baby time he can. Taking his time growing into 6 month clothes. No hurry learning to walk. Teeth... got a few. No hurry. I love it.

The same was true with his cake eating. It was as if he said, "Hmmm. What's this lovely thing the Nutty Mama has placed before me? How does it feel? Oh... soft. I'm in my food chair. Maybe I should eat it. Oh, yeah! Chocolate. I know this stuff! Yum!" And the face smearing began. Beautiful. We should all be so uninhibited.

So hears to my Baby and hears to wishin' him a wonderful second year full of fun, happiness, health, and love.

All on his own terms of course.


Andi said...

Happy Birthday, Seth!!

militarywifeandmomof4 said...

Hey, your baby sounds like my baby. She was 20 months before she walked. She would cry out and the other three kids would come running to her...she did not have to walk!