Monday, April 21, 2008

Making Changes

I love our house. It's big. I can escape in there. There's enough room for everyone to find their own space. And when we want to be together, the rooms are big enough for all of us. Mr. and Mrs. Z built this house. They did a good job.

However, Mr. and Mrs. Z loved wall paper. It's everywhere. It's bright. It's flowery. It's overwhelming. Someday, I want to take it all down. I could use some help. Any volunteers? This is Mr. and Mrs. Z's dining room. They had a big beautiful table in here with all their china displayed in the cabinets. When we move in, the kids claimed that room as their play room. Now those cabinets hold toys and books.
Well, Grandma called recently and suggested I change the playroom into a school room. I found this suggestion interesting since she isn't a staunch supporter of our choice to homeschool the kids. I have always wanted a school room, but I want a play room too. I love having a room whose sole purpose is to hold the toys. This appeals to me. Find a toy. Throw in in that room. Nice. So when she suggested we make it a school room, I wondered what we'd do with the toys.

Then she suggested I make the downstairs bedroom a playroom. Hmmm. The idea has merit. But I really like the idea that guests have a room to stay in when they come. Sure they have to share the bathroom with everyone, but they have a big bed to sleep on. Changing that makes me sad.

She had a solution for that too. And that's how I discovered her alterior motive.

Grandma is moving this month. She's downsizing. She's moving to Houston to a retirement community. And she has too much stuff. So she's trying to pawn some of it off on me.

It worked.

Meet my new school table. It'll be nice for the kids. It's a game table which I discovered means it's shorter than a regular dining table. Why do people who play games need a table that's shorter? Another of life's unanwered questions.
And this will go in the new playroom. It's a nice comfy sofa that we'll sit on to read and watch movies. I'll be sad to see my king sized bed go. But that doesn't mean we don't want guests. Guests are welcome. You can sleep in the play room. On Grandma's sofa.

Sweet Dreams.


Andi said...

Does Grandma always have an ulterior motive??? Just kidding...enjoyed reading your posts!

Amy said...

That is some SERIOUS wallpaper.

amy w said...

Grandma can't move to Houston -- you'll never pass through here and then we'll never see you. BTW that bug -- i like to call those "giant flying stink bugs." they scare the s*** out of me. i know, i'm such a country girl...