Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Diggin for Answers

The Great Pecan Man came to visit Monday. I say he's great because he is. He has been doing this for a long time. When The Nutty Papa and I went to the Pecan Short Course at the greatest University in the world, the professors talked about his work. They showed pictures of his trees. He's a Great Pecan Man.

He has been involved on a limited basis in the production of this orchard for many years. Mr. Z used to take his pecans to The Great Pecan Man to have them cleaned. Now we do. So The Great Pecan Man has seen what this orchard can make. And he knows how good it can be. He wants to help. He's not only a Great Pecan Man, he's also just a fabulous human being all a round. He doesn't have to help me at all. He could just refer me to the Pecan Dr. and other specialists and wash his hands of me. No. He offers support and guidance and drives an hour over here to help me.

One of the unsolved puzzles about our orchard for the Great Pecan Man has been water. He, and many others, have said that the trees aren't getting enough water. This has been something that I just couldn't get. Not enough water?!? I watered them every day, 24/7, in 2006. We survived the great monsoon of 2007... not enough water? You've got to be kidding. But still he persists. And since he is The Great Pecan Man, who am I to argue.

So when The Great Pecan Man came on Monday, I thought I'd be driving him around the orchard looking at sprinkler heads and water patterns around the trees. Little did I know... Remember this? Irrigation. Fixin' pipes. Diggin' holes. Well, one thing that Mr. Z left me with was a rough sketch of where he put the pipes. Yeah. Ok. Whatever. So there are pipes in the ground. They take water to the trees. Blah. Blah. Blah.

But this isn't enough for The Great Pecan Man. He has questions. What size pipe is here? What about over there? How about down there? Where does it go? What about that valve? What does it do? What is the water pressure here? What about when you do this? Does it change the water pressure? Geesh! Isn't it enough to know there are pipes down there that take water to the trees?!? Nope.

So to answer these questions we dig...

and dig...

and dig...

and dig, until we get answers.

One of the questions was, where does this come from and what size. Well, Great Pecan Man, here it is. This is a 1 1/2 inch piece of pipe and we dig along for 25 feet until we found where it met with this 3 inch piece of pipe. Answers. Got 'em. What's it mean to you and me? Not much. There's a pipe. Yep. It connects to something else. You bet. Thought so.
But to The Great Pecan Man it means so much more. After 30 minutes on the phone with The Great Pecan Man clickin' away on his calculator, he figures out that the Southside of the orchard has been getting less water than the Northside. I could have never figured that out! The Great Pecan Man saves the day! Now the Southside will be treated with the same love as the Northside.
And the Southside thanks you!

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