Saturday, March 15, 2008

Let the Growing Begin!

Here it is... what we've been waiting for... the first sign of Spring. Around here, it's known as the start of Pecan season. It's also a time for fresh starts. No matter what mistakes I made last year, what bugs got us, what mold crept in, we can start over. I'm excited about this year's opportunity to start over. Last year's crop was tragic. This year, I want to do it better, smarter, right.
So here it is, my fresh start. Look at those little leaves growing. They have such an important job. Collect sunrays, water, air. And they are ready to do their job, and I am ready to do my job of protecting them.
It was such a clear day when I took this photo, we could even see the moon. I love clear blue skys. And I love little leaves. No bugs. No mold. No damage. Fresh. Clean. Ready to grow and make some pecans. One tree down...
1,499 to go! Let the Growing begin!

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